“Metatron technology is the most advanced of its kind anywhere in the world today!”
(Academic V.I. Nesterov)

Metatron Non Linear Scanning

Metatron is an incredibly powerful non invasive assessment tool on the state of homeostatic function of the whole body.

Revolution in Medical Scanning Technology!

With Metatron the practitioner can analyse individual body systems, including: Endocrine, Nervous, Respiratory, Lymphatic, Musculosceletal and Immune Systems, as well as allowing for biochemical analysis.

100% Non invasive analysis and therapy

Mobile Service Available in Sydney

With mobile service available, analysis and therapy can be organised in a location convenient for you.

Certified Metatherapists

Metatron analysis and metatherapy will be provided by a certified practitioner.

Natural way to wellbeing and

Your health is in YOUR hands!

It’s all about being well and feeling healthy
- the natural way!